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Launch of Africa Index Consultation!

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) and the SDG Center for Africa (SDGC/A) are jointly working to develop and publish the Africa SDG Index and Dashboard, building on the flagship SDG Index and Dashboards global report.launch

Our hope in producing this work is that the indicators and dashboards will help African countries pinpoint key implementation challenges, while the overall index can provide an opportunity to assist countries in benchmarking their SDG performance against their African peers. As such, we have added more Africa-relevant indicators and metrics using data sourced from institutions within and focusing on Africa. The report synthesizes available data on the SDGs from official and unofficial sources and will feature case studies highlighting data and development successes and challenges in four African countries.

We are launching an open consultation on our draft framework, seeking expert input on the proposed indicators for the Africa SDG Index and Dashboard in order to improve the draft proposals, validate thresholds, fill gaps, and consider alternative data sources.

The Excel spreadsheet with the full data, dashboards, and indicator information is here. Please submit your comments and suggestions by Friday, 30 March 2018 via our online form. Please submit all feedback through the form as we are unfortunately not able to accept email submissions.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at Africa@sdgindex.org

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